2012 CTA Conference DVD’s and CD’s Now Available

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At the recent National CTA Conference a young Catholic Theologian from Duquesne University, Aimee Upjohn Light, presented a theological update on work by Feminist Theologians and Interreligious Theologians sharing a common grounding in Liberation Theology. http://www.duq.edu/academics/faculty/aimee-upjohn-light

Pluralists, Feminists, Panentheists: Post Conciliar Catholic Interreligious and Feminist Theologies

“Though the conservative trajectory of the magisterium can be upsetting, the recent wave of concern with orthodoxy has had an unintended and very positive effect in the academic theology of which I am a part. Because the hierarchical church itself is specifically targeting both interreligious scholars and feminist theologians (I have in mind here Peter Phan, Paul Knitter, Elizabeth Johnson and Margaret Farley, not to mention the recent investigation of those feminist nuns), these two areas of theology—interreligious work and feminist theology—are rapidly expanding in universities, where they continue to have a place. My students are continually surprised that MOST of the feminist theologians and the most apparently radical interreligious scholars we read are Catholic. And I don’t choose the Catholics: we are who constitutes these fields. Elizabeth Johnson, Rosemary Radford Ruether, Joan Chittister, Margaret Farley, Paul Knitter, Peter Phan, Jacques Dupuis and Aloysius Pieris have all put forward what I consider the most radical in the sense of most egalitarian and inclusive Christian theologies that exist today. And they are all Catholic.”

To read the full talk, click the link:
Aimee Upjohn Light – Pluralists, Feminists, Panentheists Nat CTA 11-12.

The talk is available on audio CD with the richness of author commentary and Q&A