Mary Magdalene Celebration, June 1st


You are invited to a prayer service in celebration of the feast of Mary Magdalene to be held at the Hubbard Sanctuary on Sunday evening, June 1, 2014, at 7:00pm.  We proclaim her message at an earlier date this year to include it in the Easter Season.

We will have a table of honor to display items of deep significance to women of the diocese as they have traveled on their faith journey.  Please bring your personal remembrances, photos, sculptures, paintings, for all to view and understand.  Please see Margaret Dilgen when you arrive.

Discussion and light refreshments to follow.

West Coast CTA Conference May 1-3, 2014

A coalition of West Coast CTA chapters presented their conference on the first week in May in Sacramento, CA.  It was held at a beautiful Doubletree Hotel where 300 attendees were able to have very well prepared meals together which enabled them to conveniently attend the speakers and workshops of their choice.

 Plenary speaker Jamie Manson opened the conference proper on Friday evening.  There were pre-conference sessions earlier in the day.  Here she is conducting a workshop which enabled many of us to more completely understand the world in which our younger generation has grown up.


 Matthew Fox delivered the Saturday plenary. He came to speak and didn’t hold back.  He elaborated on five moral issues of our times:  New Economics, Issue of women, Interfaith, Ecology and Education.

 On Sunday am our plenary speaker was Simone Campbell.  As we contemplate being active in demonstrating for our beliefs as CTA members it is something else to hear from someone who has been seated across the table from antagonistic national leaders who believe very differently from us (and are also Catholic!).


 Patterned after the National CTA conference model, this West Coast Conference was very successful in bringing together people who find it difficult to travel to the National Conference and also enjoy the wonderful liturgies found there.  This is just a glimpse of the full gathering at Eucharist on Sunday.


 The “Gang of six” stayed on for an extra day and were put to work by Bob Heineman however difficult it was to concentrate in the perfect weather of Sacramento.  (L to R) Janet Glisson, Michigan Chapter;  Carol Caulsen, Sacramento Chapter and leader of the Conference; Steve Gardipee, Wisconsin Chapter; Nita Powers, Upstate NY; Bob Heineman and Lena Woltering from National CTA.  Missing but part of the discussions is Mary Jane Stevenson from Dallas.   Jim FitzGerald joined us by Skype for one of the working sessions.


 Contributed by Steve Powers.

Lobby Day in Albany-Child Victims Act

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 we joined with NYC-Metro CTA, VOTF-NY, and Dignity NY to form the “Catholic Coalition of Conscience” to advocate on behalf of the Child Victim’s Act.  Under the leadership of Nancy Lorence of NYC-Metro CTA, our coalition engaged Senators all day long to discuss the value of removing the statute of limitations on crimes of child sexual abuse in NYS and to urge the opening of a one year window for older complaints to be brought forward.  Ten NYC members of CTA and VOTF traveled to Albany to be joined with five Albany CTA members.  In addition we were joined by members of the Ms. Foundation and survivor advocates.

At the press conference we offered the following:   (statement attached below)


The Catholic Coalition of Conscience includes: Call To Action Metro NY, Call To Action Upstate NY, Voice of the Faithful NY, and Dignity/NY. Leaders of two of the member groups spoke at the press conference here today.

Francis Piderit of VOTF NY said: “Our Catholic Coalition of Conscience speaks for all victims of sex abuse, and for all Catholics who believe with Pope Francis that our church should be doing everything possible to support survivors of sexual abuse. We believe the Catholic Church has a moral obligation to endorse statute of limitations reform in the state of New York.” 

“Within the Catholic Church our membership urges Pope Francis to take strong action world-wide to hold bishops and priests accountable for acts of clergy child sex abuse,” said Upstate Call To Action Board Member Steve Powers. “Within New York State our members across four dioceses  feel that the removal of the current statute of limitations on certain new sex crimes against children and the opening of a one year ‘window’ for previous victims to come forward are extremely important.  We act both as citizens concerned about the welfare of all our children and as faithful Catholics who are witnessing political stonewalling by our bishops.”

 Full release on CVA Lobby Day by Margaret Markey’s office is attached below. 

 *********************************Speakers advocating change in the statute of limitations in NYS included Bridie Farrell, Olympic speed skater from Saratoga Springs who told her story.

Speakers advocating change in the statute of limitations in NYS included Bridie Farrell, Olympic speed skater from Saratoga Springs who told her story.

Poster demonstrates New York State ranks among worst states offering no attention to SOL for child sex abuse cases.

Poster demonstrates New York State ranks among worst states offering no attention to SOL for child sex abuse cases.


Francis X Piderit of VOTF and Steve Powers of CTA at press conference.

Francis X Piderit of VOTF and Steve Powers of CTA at press conference.

Group photo of speakers at press conference.

Group photo of speakers at press conference.

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Active role of CTA Metro NY and Upstate at CVA Press Conference Tues-Albany

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M.E.D.I.A  A.D.V.I.S.O.R.Y — T.U.E.S.D.A.Y   M.A.Y. 13, 12:30 p.m.

Advocates for Child Victims Act of NY to combat childhood sexual abuse come to Albany on May 13 to urge reform of archiaic NYS codes 

Groups serving women and girls will present letter of support for Child Victims Act;

National speedskating champion talks about abuse in amateur, Olympic sports;

Noted victims rights group reveals results of its opinion polling in NYS Senate districts.

 Advocates and supporters of the Child Victims Act (A1771A/S66367) will join with Assemblywoman Margaret Markey at a press conference in Albany to report about support for the expanded Child Victims Act. The bill, which would permit victims of childhood sexual abuse to get justice and expose pedophiles who have been hidden, is sponsored in the Senate by Senator Brad Hoylman. The program is being held in conjunction with a Child Victims Act Advocacy Day in Albany. The event is:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 12:30 p.m.

LCA Press Room 130, First Floor,

NYS State Legislative Office Building

Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY

 Speakers include leaders of the Downstate Crime Victims Coalition and the Ms. Foundation for Woman. They recently sponsored a state-wide webinar to educate organizations and agencies about child sexual assault and the importance of changing the statute of limitations for these offences and are presenting a letter of support for the Child Victims Act from New York state organizations that serve women and girls.

 Former national champion speedskater Bridie Farrell, who has roots in Saratoga Springs, NY, will be present to speak about her first person experiences as a young competitor and abuse in amateur and Olympic sports, plus her current work with the SafeSports initiative.

 Also speaking will be Jeff Dion, Deputy Director of the National Crime Victims Center (NCVC), who will reveal results of public opinion polling in selected NY State Senate Districts where they measured public attitudes about the state’s archaic statute of limitations codes for child sex abuse offenses and other issues relating to the Child Victims Act.

 Other speakers at the press conference include: Cardozo Law School Professor Marci Hamilton, author and expert on the changes underway in many other states to update archaic statute of limitations codes; Peter Brooks of the Horace Mann Action Coalition; and two representatives of the new Catholics of Conscience Coalition, Francis Piderit of Voice of the Faithful-NY, and Steve Powers, who leads the Upstate NY Chapter of Call to Action.     

 The legislation, A1771, has been adopted by the Assembly four times since 2006, but has not yet advanced in the State Senate. It would completely eliminate the criminal and civil statute of limitations for child sex abuse crimes in New York State (which now expires only 5 years after a victim turns 18) and also completely suspend the civil statute of limitations for one year to provide justice for older victims and unmask abusers and those who have hidden them.

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