Bishops Lobbying hard

From the Coalition (in support of the Child Victims Act):  Cardinal Dolan is fighting the look-back window by meeting with Gov. Cuomo and Senator Flanagan.  He offended survivors by saying that the CVA would be “strangling” and “toxic” to the church.  The whole child sex abuse crisis in this country is toxic and strangling to those who manage to survive it.  It is a justice issue and protection of children in NY State that we are talking about here..  and accountability of all responsible organizations, not just the Catholic Church.


Timothy Cardinal Dolan urges state pols to reject ‘toxic’ lookback window in child abuse cases

ALBANY — Timothy Cardinal Dolan urged Gov. Cuomo and state lawmakers Tuesday to reject any legislation that gives child abuse victims a window to revive old legal cases. Dolan, who made an unannounced trip to the state Capitol to lobby the governor and legislative leaders, said the idea of a “lookback would be toxic for us” because it would lead to a flurry of cases against the church.


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Victims say it leaves questions unanswered

Bishop Malone, meanwhile, is in Albany, where he is reported to be lobbying against the proposed Child Victims Act, which would extend the statute of limitations for sexual abuse victims.