Binghamton Prayer Vigil

Report from Tim Taugher:

“Thought I would give you an update from our prayer service last night (May 22nd in Binghamton).   We had a very supportive turnout of 110 people.  A very good representation of the Women Religious from our area, the Sisters of St. Joseph, Daughters of Charity, and Benedictine.  Everything just flowed beautifully with the various readings, songs, and prayers.  Our 2 speakers, Sr. Donald Corcoran and Amy Fleming, were exceptionally moving…..  We invited all the Women Religious  to stand and they were given a very strong applause of support.  The feedback continues to be coming in with comments of gratitude and how moved people were with the whole service.

“All the best with your upcoming event next week.  “The Spirit is Alive and She is on the loose.”  Happy Pentecost.  Tim Taugher