A Crowd for “Pink Smoke”

The Capital District branch of Upstate NY CTA hosted a public viewing of the movie “Pink Smoke over the Vatican” June 7th at the Spectrum Theater in Albany.  The theater was filled.  Our special guest for the evening was the Rev. Jean Marchant, a Roman Catholic Woman Priest from Spirit and Life Community, Weston, MA.  http://www.spiritoflifecommunity.org/ Following the film Rev. Jean inspired the audience with a brief account of her own journey to priesthood. She then responded to numerous questions from the large audience.  People may purchase a copy of the “Pink Smoke” DVD by going to the website  http://pinksmokeoverthevatican.com/  Many copies were sold after the show.

If you are interested in an audio CD of a talk by Bishop Patricia Fresen please reply to this message with your mailing address.  Free of charge.  Her talk “I am Calling Both Women and Men to Priesthood,” was delivered a couple of years ago and is still a very good introduction to the concepts of the Roman Catholic Women Priest movement.