Mary Theresa Streck of Menands to be ordained RCWP Deacon

Mary Theresa Streck of Menands in Albany Co. is warmly supported by Capital District Call To Action in her journey towards Priesthood.  As part of the Roman Catholic Women Priest tradition she will be ordained a Deacon next month.


Mary Theresa has a long career in education and currently holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership from Sage Colleges.  Over the years Mary Theresa has devoted herself to social justice issues and has engaged in civil disobedience against policies of the U.S. Government which have resulted in short jail stays in local jails.


Formerly a Sr. of St. Joseph, Mary Theresa married former Priest Jay Murnane in 1984.  Together they started the Ark, Inc., a small after school arts program which expanded over the years to an education and enrichment program for many underprivileged youngsters in the City of Troy. Later, the couple was part of a group which opened the first Charter School in Troy.  


Ordination Announcement:



Joyfully Invites You to The

Ordination of

Barbara Duff and Joleane Presley

As Priests


Mary Collingwood, Marianne Smyth and Mary Theresa Streck

As Deacons

Ordaining: Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan

Saturday ~ June 22, 2013 ~ 1:00 p.m.

First Christian Church 6165 Leesburg Pike ~ Falls Church, VA 22044 (please consult webpage for directions)

Light Refreshments Follow In Fellowship Hall

Press Contact: Janice Sevre-Duszynska   859-684-4247 Additional Information: