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  2. Dear CTA Friends,
    I am in agreement with the issues you address in the mailing I received last month.
    The issues of women’s ordination and expanding the window on sex abuse in the Church are critical to address.

    One of the connecting issues with justice for women and against victimization of children is abortion. It is an issue that the Catholic Church, our church, is outspoken about. It seems like here we can find commonality, both with the hierarchical church as well as with people in the pews. Both of these constituencies desperately need to connect with CTA, and CTA with them. Would this issue not be a bridge builder?

    ‘Not taking a position’ is not the answer, is it? It is what one hears over and over again about supporting the call for women priests: “I don’t know where I stand”, or “it’s not important to me.” As Dr. Martin Luther King said, not taking a stand, when the status quo is categorically unjust (like in both abortion and not allowing women priests), is being categorically on the side of the injustice. (I actually heard that repeated in a workshop by our good friend at JustFaith, I believe.)

    I would be interested in your thoughts on the matter. I appreciate your taking the time to consider my question.

    Carol Crossed
    Rochester, NY 14618

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