On the March for Child Victims Act

Dear Friends of the Child Victims Act

Thank you to all the brave survivors and advocates who joined us on Sunday to take part in the “Walk for the Window” across the Brooklyn Bridge and our rally on the Manhattan side at Pace University.

They carried signs and banners that proclaimed their support for our law to eliminate the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse crimes and provide a civil window so that adult survivors can get justice and help expose predators that have been hidden by institutions that don’t want to take accountability for their actions.

With New York State ranking at the very bottom of all states in America for how it treats victims of childhood sexual abuse, this is the year to change that abysmal status.

My sincere thanks to all those who continue to speak out on behalf of survivors and future generations of children. Your voices and strong support gives me real hope that the Legislature will, at long last, act to bring justice to survivors in 2016 and help protect future generations of children.

Sincerely, Assemblywoman Margaret Markey


Ordination Witness: At the Cathedral in Rochester June 4, 2016

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Yesterday, I protested the exclusion of women from the RC priesthood at the Cathedral here in Rochester. It was an interesting day as always.   Unlike last week, the Bishop made sure to bless me this time (or exorcise me ). The main doors to the Cathedral are made of wood with glass panels and the clergy line up along these doors. When the procession starts we protesters stand facing the doors with our signs making it easy for clergy to see our signs as they are on the move. Today I stood alone in front of the back door. It’s surprising how many of the clergy wave in support. The Bishop, who is always the last to process in, made a deliberate stop to let me know he saw me, then blessed me. I didn’t respond at first but he kept on doing it, so I reciprocated. Strange! Unlike last week, when it was over, photos were not taken on the outside front steps of the Church. I heard that one of the reasons for this was that the Bishop didn’t want the focus to be on me. Apparently my photo appeared in some article.    A nice elderly priest came prepared this time with a response to us. He handed me an index card with the following statement: “Jesus Christ did not exclude women from the Roman Catholic priesthood. He exempted them from the Priesthood. Mary is the creature of God the Father and the Mother of God the Son and The Spouse of the Holy Spirit. She is the Mother of all priests. (and he signed his name). Sigh.   A young seminarian from the archdiocese of NYC (ordination in 2 years to priesthood) approached me at the end and we had a long conversation. Of course we agreed to disagree and shook hands before we parted ways and asked each other’s name . One of the things he said to me was that he didn’t know any or of any women who wanted to be priests. Sigh. Are they all this naive or uninformed??? Still it was good to have this conversation. I managed to get in Fr. Tony Flannery’s take on the matter: “The argument that a woman cannot be a minister because she cannot be ‘in persona Christi’ is such a ridiculous argument…that belongs to the time of the flat earth, when Galileo was persecuted.” (I paraphrased.)   A very elderly priest told me you either believe the Holy Father or you don’t. I said the Pope is human and he cut me off and said, so you see, you don’t believe and he walked off.   Two Hispanic priests were outside for a bit checking their cell phone and going over the program. One of them was very friendly and waved hello. I asked a bit later if he wanted to take my picture and he said yes. I like pictures of my sign because I hope they reach others.   Always good to see people we know and who support our cause (that includes clergy). A friend of Spiritus Christi and frequent visitor with his wife, Fran Cardella, was there to support one of the young deacons in his parish who was being ordained a priest. He’s very supportive of our cause and took some of the photos displayed here. He’s pictured with me in one of the pics.   I thought it was nice of the usher to come out and ask if I wanted water… it was a hot day. Both he and security staff were very nice to us this weekend and last. I received about 5 mean or insensitive remarks.. all from women. But we also got a lot of words and gestures of support from women, too. Two of the not-so-nice comments came from two women who, along with others, arrived at the event via shuttle. Good or bad, it’s great when you can help create awareness in people from out of town.   Thank you, Judy K. and Jim H. for being there today. And way to go our friends in Buffalo and Syracuse for doing their own witness at local ordinations last weekend and this weekend.

Ordination Vigil Buffalo NY

Congratulations to the wonderful group of Call to Action members in Western NY CTA who conducted a vigil for the rights of women in the Catholic Church on Ordination Day in Buffalo last Saturday, 5-28-16.

Click on the arrow in the image below for a musical treat. Be sure your speaker volume is up.

Times and Places for Spring Thruway Tour

Spring 2016 Thruway Tour with Deborah Rose-Milavec, Exec. Dir. of FutureChurch, who traveled to Rome to witness Synod discussions and provide input to the participants.

Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse, 150 French Rd., Rochester, NY 14618
Date:  Monday, April 25, 2016
Time:  7:00pm
Contact: Gloria Ulterino (585) 586-3279  or glorialbf@aol.com

St. Lucy’s Church, 432 Gifford St, Syracuse, NY 13204
Date:  Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Time:  7:00pm
Contact:  Mary Ann Dobe (315)-481-2666 or maryanndobe@yahoo.com

Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary, College of St. Rose, 959 Madison Ave., Albany, NY 12203
Date:  Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Time: 7:00pm
Contact: Steve Powers (518) 596-6414  or spowers7@nycap.rr.com

Newman Center @UB North Campus, 495 Skinnersville Road, Amherst, NY 14228
Date:  Thursday, April 28, 2016
Time:  7:00pm
Contact: Lucille Gervase (716) 837-8685 or travelu@verizon.net
Contact: Mike Toner (716)-636-1533 or  oakleafm@pce.net