Call to Action Upstate Presents:

A Thruway Tour

Catholic Culture Wars

Featuring Michael Sean Winters



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Description automatically generatedMichael Sean Winters is a journalist with the National Catholic Reporter covering politics and events in the Roman Catholic Church. He is the author of Left at the Altar: How Democrats Lost the Catholics and How Catholics Can Save the Democrats. His biography of the Rev. Jerry Falwell, God’s Right Hand: How Jerry Falwell Made God a Republican and Baptized the American Right was published in January 2012 to critical acclaim. Winters also reports on the U.S Church for the London-based Catholic weekly the Tablet.


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About the Thruway Tour:

Culture Wars have distorted the Catholic intellectual and moral tradition of the Church. Winters will address the following topics:

·         Achieving a balance of the “common good” in our divided society.

·         The American tendency to reduce religion to ethics and politics and how that adds fuel to the fire of culture wars.

·         Protecting ourselves and our Church from the distortions of Culture Wars.

·         Becoming an inclusive church, one that listens, learns, and takes responsibility for proclaiming the Gospel.

·         Questions and interactive discussion to follow.           Image found at








Sunday, May 1st

2 pm


Upper Room Inclusive Catholic Community 431 New Kramer Rd

Dennis McDonald

Monday, May 2nd

7 pm


All Saints Church

1340 Lancaster Ave

Parish Office

315 472 9934 ext 4

Tuesday, May 3rd

7 pm


St Francis of Assisi

1049 Chenango St

Fr. Tim Taugher

607 722 4388

Wednesday, May 4th

7 pm


Nazareth College Shults Center Forum 4235 East Ave

Jamie Fazio 585 389 2308

Thursday, May 5th

7 pm


Newman Center at UB North

495 Skinnersville Road   Amherst

Mike Toner

716 636 1533 (landline)